The GPS Trace can be used to accurately locate a mobile phone by sending a SMS containing a special tracking-link.

It works as follows:

You will also get an email with the approximate location based on internet-IP information.

1.The person will receive an SMS with an interesting link to a website.This website is a normal site and has nothing to do with mobile phone tracking.
2.The person visits the website. When this link is opened, CellTrack will try to activate the GPS antenna and forward the location to your email. CellTrack will also retrieve the IP (Internet Protocol) address. So if the phone is not equipped with a GPS antenna or if access is denied, CellTrack will still be able to make a good estimate of the location based on it’s IP address.
3.You receive a notification. We will send you two Emails. The first email contains the IP address and a Google maps link to the approximate location. The second email contains a Google maps link to the exact location.


1.Enter the desired phone number.
2.Click the blue ‘Choose an option below’ button.
3.Choose one of 4 tracking topics or choose a pre-defined message.
4.A message preview will be displayed. Please see if it corresponds with your intentions.
5.Press the yellow button to send the message with the special tracking link to the phone.
6.Wait patiently for the link to be opened. Then check your E-mail inbox.
7.Open the google-maps link in the email to view the location.

⚠ If the user blocked location services or does not open the link, CellTrack won’t be able to trace a location.
In that case CellTrack will still deduct 2 credits.
⚠ The result of the location can vary greatly.
If we do not get permission to activate the GPS, we cannot retrieve an exact location.
In that case you will not receive a second email from us with the exact location.
⚠ IP data from a GPRS/3G/4G connection does not give a good location estimate.
WiFi however, can give a pretty good estimate.
Therefore it’s a good idea to perform the GPS trace when the person is connected to WiFi.
This is usually in the early morning or when the subject most likely a hotel, at school, at the office, or at home.


This type of trace is very privacy sensitive and may only be used if:

  • Your phone is stolen
  • You want to track your children (under 16 years of age)
  • You have explicit permission from your employees
  • It concerns your own telephone and mobile number
  • If you have explicit permission from the person you wish to locate
If it appears that you violated one this rules, we will block your account immediately!

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